How and Why to Use StealthGenie WhatsApp Spy Software

StealthGenie WhatsApp spy appApple’s iPhone is probably the most popular smartphone on today’s market and owned by many both young and old. Nonetheless, like most powerful electronic gadgets, iPhones can be a tool to enable misconduct and cover tracks. StealthGenie has the answer with its feature-rich WhatsApp spy software for Apple iOS versions since 5.

Some Special Features of StealthGenie

The basic features of StealthGenie running on a target iPhone are the ability to listen to conversations, getting the location via GPS, viewing multimedia files, and much more. Some of the special features that set StealthGenie apart from the competition are:

  • WhatsApp monitoring
  • iMessage monitoring
  • SMS Redirection
  • Remote control of the target phone
  • Travel history

The list above is not exhaustive because StealthGenie has so much more. However, these are some special features that will convince you that this product is the leader.

WhatsApp and iMessage are apps that allow users to chat and share media with someone else but on the internet rather than through MMS/SMS which costs money. StealthGenie is able to enter into these messaging apps (as well as others) and see what is being communicated on the target phone.

SMS redirection allows you as the StealthGenie subscriber to send text to the target phone. However, what makes it great in StealthGenie is that you can make the message look as if it came from the target phone and not the app. This helps keep the app from being detected.

Travel history reporting allows you to see patterns and the ability to send commands to the target phone give you near total control. The latter is useful for locking the phone should it be lost or stolen.

This easy tutorial lets you learn how to set up and use stealthgenie

Why You Should Use StealthGenie WhatsApp Spy App

Protecting You

Having StealthGenie on your iPhone is not only about spying on others. It is about protecting you. You may be a business owner providing iPhones to certain employees for work-related communications. Or, you may have no need to spy but want some type of protection in the event your iPhone is lost or stolen.

Some of the areas where StealthGenie protects you include:

  • Employee misconduct in your workplace
  • Utilizing a company phone for other than work
  • Determining where your employees disappear to
  • Protecting your confidential and sensitive information
  • Finding a lost phone or at least disabling it

Employees with ill intentions are typically deeply implanted in an organization. However, if they have company-issued iPhones then all you as a business owner need to do is install StealthGenie on their phone unbeknown to them.

Employee Monitoring

With a company-issued phone and StealthGenie, you can listen to conversations they are having if you suspect they are divulging sensitive business data, making inflammatory comments, or spending company time chatting and playing on social networks.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

These days, teenagers are into iPhones and these devices provide them with a new level of freedom—freedom that can be abused. As a parent, StealthGenie can be an effective tool for protecting your teenagers from all the threats to their safety and well-being. These threats include:

  • Going places they shouldn’t
  • Using iMessage and WhatsApp to exchange inappropriate content
  • Downloading apps that they shouldn’t
  • Being lost or abducted

It is no surprise that teenagers like to go places they shouldn’t. These are places where they see no threat but you don’t share their perspective. With StealthGenie, you can see where they are at and take action if necessary. This is also of critical importance if your loved one is lost or, worse yet, abducted.

Parental Monitoring

Of course, teenagers love to chat and in some cases use internet messaging services such as iMessage and WhatsApp to share text and photos that may be inappropriate by your standards. All of this can be recorded and monitored with StealthGenie for iPhone.

You owe it to yourself, business, and loved ones to protect in all areas with regard to use of the iPhone. StealthGenie gives you all the tools that you need and is easy to set up plus affordable. Try it out and stop the threats presented by malicious cell phone use.