How to Catch a Cheater with WhatsApp Spy Software

Catch a Cheater

You’re not sure, but your spouse might be cheating on you. You need proof, but don’t know how to get it. You don’t want to just accuse them. You want to make sure your claims are justified. WhatsApp spy software is just what it takes to get the full disclosure of any situation especially when it comes to cheating spouses.

How does WhatsApp spy software work?

WhatsApp Spy software is installed on what is called a target device. After purchasing your subscription, usually with a term contract, their software website will give you directions for installation. Assuming everything goes smoothly, monitoring your cheating spouse could start within the hour.

The monitored information is then sent to a “Control Panel”. This is where you can view all the information your spy package affords you. This control panel is a centralized location where viewing is as easy as opening a webpage and accessing your spy software user account.

Your features will vary depending on your software provider and the package you sign up for. In most cases, you’ll have access to all of the files on the device, such as pictures, videos and documents. Other data includes text and chat messages, call logs and other things such as specific and general GPS locations.

All of the monitored information is sent by using the existing cellular data connection. If you prefer using Wi-Fi to save on the phone’s data plan, you can change those settings in user preferences, located in the control panel.

What will WhatsApp spy software do for you?

Cheating is a serious offense for any spouse to commit. Spouses rarely admit they’re cheating, so it’s important you catch them in the act. WhatsApp Spy software does the hard work for you.

A WhatsApp spy application wouldn’t be one if it didn’t operate in a stealth mode. Your spouse will never know they’re being monitored. If you’re worried they might be tech savvy enough to spot it – don’t. Spy software is specifically designed to keep itself hidden at all times.

How is the software installed?

First time installation is the only time you’ll need direct access to the target device. However, after the initial install, you can make most changes remotely.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before installing:

  1. Allow yourself plenty of time.
  2. Know how to JailBreak or root the devices, or at least take time to gather information for this crucial process and look over it closely.
  3. Follow download instructions exactly as described.
  4. Check email for user information, regarding account registration.
  5. Have a PC nearby to check if spy software is sending monitored data.

What are some basic features spy software offers?

Basic features are usually the same across most spying software. Some of them are here as listed:

  • GPS – Know location of target device.
  • Key Word Search – Easily search for key words in one centralized place when filtering through text and call data.
  • Text and call messaging – Monitors text messaging content and calls sent and/or received.
  • Chat application messaging – Monitors messaging applications such as Instant Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and various other popular messaging applications.
  • Remote monitor and data wipe – Monitor device in real-time and wipe all user data remotely.

These are only general features. Each software provider may offer varying feature lists with varying tiers of service.

When it comes to finding the truth of the matter, WhatsApp spy software affords you full disclosure. If you need proof to fully know if a spouse is cheating, monitoring software certainly has an uncanny ability for determining just that.