Monitor Your Child’s Computer Activity

Technology has caused a lot of worries for parents. Thanks to SpyAgent, they can now monitor their child’s computer usage. It is so easy to spy on a child’s computer behavior, and pick up on suspicious activity.

SpyAgent is an advanced computer monitoring system that runs in the background. It is not traceable, making it easy to see what your child’s true computer behaviors are. All commands are sent from a remote location, and monitoring is done is stealth mode. It’s the perfect solution for a worried parent.


Key Features of SpyAgent

There are so many features that make this software a clear choice. Here are just some of the features that can help a parent monitor their child’s computer activity.

  • See All Keystrokes They Type
  • Reveals all Website Visits
  • Records all Online Searches Performed
  • See What Programs and Apps They Use
  • Monitors Social Networking Behaviors
  • Tracks all File Usage and Printing
  • Records Online Chat Conversations
  • Logs Windows Opened and Mouse Clicks
  • See Every Email They Send and Receive
  • Logs Internet Traffic Data and Connections
  • Find out What they Upload and Download
  • Check How Active (or Inactive) Users Are
  • Uncovers Secret User Passwords
  • View Logs Remotely Via Email or FTP
  • See Everything with Screenshot Recording
  • Easy Slideshow Screenshot Playback
  • Capture Webcam and Microphone Activity
  • View Most Common Behaviors with One Click
  • Creates Graphical Top 10 Activity Reports
  • Blocks Unwanted Websites, Apps, and Chats
  • Receive Instant Behavior Alerts via Email
  • Quick Log Viewing, Searching, and Filtering
  • Cloud Access to Settings and Log Delivery
  • Activity Triggered Smart Logging
  • Disables Spyware Detectors
  • Runs in TOTAL STEALTH!

There is nothing that can’t be monitored. Once the software is installed, monitoring begins instantly. Logs are uploaded to a password control panel. SpyAgent gives their consumers the ultimate way to filter out content, so they only see what is important.

Being able to get the answers you need, when you need them, makes you a caring parent. Children can get into a lot of trouble on the internet. They don’t always make the best choices because they are at an impressionable age. When you are able to have concrete evidence and enforce punishments, you can teach your children lifelong lessons.

As parents, we have to know what our children are doing, and who they are associating with. SpyAgent gives that advantage to parents. This monitoring software allows the account holder to view all content that is saved on the computer.

Why do parents choose SpyAgent? Children are still in the development stage of life, and they do not always provide truthful answers. Growing up in today’s world is tough. There are so many negative temptations. Every gadget has internet access, and that brings a whole list of issues parents have to worry about.

Monitoring will help parents be with their children, even when they are not around. It will help them see who they are socializing with, and have the ability to block those you do not approve. SpyAgent knows that it’s not easy being a parent, and that is why they have worked hard to provide features that would help protect children. Parents can’t be with their kids all the time, but this software can. That gives peace of mind, and comfort to know you can check in on your kids anytime you want.

It’s not easy to catch your children in the act of mischievous behavior, as it is not a happy feeling. However, if you get confirmation that your child is behaving in a way that is not acceptable, you can turn their negative actions around by enforcing punishment. This could save your child from suffering lifelong consequences, due to a bad choice that they made.

SpyAgent allows parents to monitor their children’s computer activity. Your child will never know that they are being monitored, because the software is completely untraceable. SpyAgent has designed their software to be user friendly, and also have an outstanding support system. Parenting is hard, but this software has made it a bit easier.

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