Monitor Your Child’s WhatsApp with FlexiSPY

Monitor Your Child’s WhatsApp

Most cell phone monitoring software will record text messages, phone calls, contacts, and web browsers. However, many people use other applications for text messaging, such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype. So, you could be missing out on a lot of vital information if your monitoring software does not record information from other texting apps. FlexiSPY is proud to announce that they offer monitoring of many popular instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp. WhatsApp is becoming increasingly popular, and the need for this application to be monitored has increased over the last year. If your child uses this application, then you have a need to monitor it.

Spying On Your Child’s WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a huge platform and offers many features for their users. When you use the FlexiSPY software to monitor WhatsApp you will be able to view chats, profile pictures and names the monitored device chats with, photos, videos and audio messages. You can review the logged data by logging into your account and accessing your dashboard. All logs will contain a date, time, and duration.

How It Works

You will need to purchase a FlexiSPY package, download the software, install it on the device, and activate your account. Once this is done, monitoring will begin instantly. You can then log into your account, and select the Message Tab, navigate to IM and then choose WhatsApp.

View WhatsApp

Every chat will be logged in this section, so you can quickly see who your child has been talking to. Ensuring your children are safe is one of the most important jobs a parent has. When you want to monitor their cell phone activity, it is important that you have the ability to look at all areas of communication they may be using.

When you leave out an application like WhatsApp, you will miss out on vital information that could lead to trouble for your child. FlexiSPY is the top monitoring application when it comes to monitoring WhatsApp. They offer more features to ensure you get the big picture of what your kids are really up to.

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Why Is It Important To Monitor WhatsApp?

Social media platforms and messaging applications are a part of our daily life. Unfortunately, there is a lot of drama that occurs on these platforms, and it could lead to real issues. WhatsApp is a messaging system, that is widely used all over the globe.

FlexiSPY understands the importance of monitoring all messaging apps and social media. That is why they added WhatsApp to their list of already impressive monitored applications. When you only monitor a part of the applications that your children are using, then you leave room for mischievous behavior to still occur.

You will have access to all the people that the monitored device has contact with. It will be easy for you to see questionable chats when sifting through the detail logs that FlexiSPY records. FlexiSPY took their WhatsApp monitoring to the next level, as they monitor stickers, emoticons, and send out alerts when contacts or location information is shared with someone. WhatsApp monitoring is offered for Android and IOS devices, and is available with the Premium and Extreme packages.