Spy on WhatsApp Messages with StealthGenie

StealthGenieNowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone. They are a basic part of everyone’s lives. Next time you step outdoors pay attention to how many people stare at their phone screens, oblivious to the world around them. You might even be able to spot someone staring at their phone while briskly walking. It seems like we can’t go more than 10 minutes without checking our smart phones simply for the sake of checking them. There are rarely any new email alerts or Facebook notifications that need your immediate attention. We just like to check our phones and interact with them as we please.

So it comes as no surprise that you can find out almost every detail about a person’s life just by gaining access to their phone. And most smart phones have cameras which the owner of the phone can use to capture images of life experiences. Look through someone’s picture gallery on their phone and you will know exactly what they have been doing for the past few years. You will know who they have been dating, where they went, what they bought, etc. The amount of information that you can discover just by gaining access to someone’s phone is incredible.

So if you want to gather some of this information, particularly, text messages, how would you do it?

There are many different chatting applications that are available for smartphones. But undoubtedly one of the most popular chatting applications is WhatsApp. So it is safe to assume that, in order to dig up information on someone, all you have to do is access their WhatsApp chats. But people can delete their WhatsApp messages if they think you are planning on checking their messages. The best way to spy on WhatsApp messages is to install a WhatsApp spying application.

StealthGenie is a incredibly powerful software that will provide you with full reports for almost every aspect of the phone it is installed on. The application will be undetectable and your target will continue his daily business on his or her phone and will never know that all of the activity reports are being sent to you. With StealthGenie you can monitor literally every aspect of a smart phone. You can even listen to live calls. This is the ultimate application if you want to find information.

Of course, before you can start monitoring WhatsApp chat logs with StealthGenie you need to install the application. First, you will need to gain access to your target’s phone. If they have a passcode on their phone, you may be out of luck. Assuming you can gain access to their phone, you will need to jailbreak the phone. Then add cpios.net as a new source, download the files, and wait for the installation to complete. Sign into the application with your StealthGenie account and enable the features you are interested in; WhatsApp will be listed. Then, close the program, turn off the phone, and continue your business. When the owner of the phone starts using the phone you will be able to view a live image feed of everything that the phone is being used for. You will also gain access to all text messages including social media apps like Facebook. Now you can browse through the history of old WhatsApp messages to find the information you are looking for or just wait for new ones to pop up. This application is perfect for anyone who wants to monitor text messages and spy on a target’s phone.

StealthGenie Dashboard

So when it comes to finding out personal information about someone, the best place to check is their phone. Most importantly, check text messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Better yet, install a WhatsApp spy software like StealthGenie that will send you reports of chat logs at regular intervals.